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The Sibilla Schneider Photographic Collection


The Euskirchener Fischhalle at Klosterstrasse 4

Ignatz and Karoline Schneider (née Juelich) owned a fish store (a "fish hall") in the town of Euskirchen at Klosterstrasse 4.

The advertisement offers fresh fish daily, with a stock of such fish types as haddock, cod, halibut, lemon sole and smoked fish..

The Schneiders lived in Klosterstrasse 4: it was their home as well as the shop.

They had three children: Sibilla (Billa), Albert and Karl.



The Euskirchener Fischhalle
Klosterstrasse 4

cir 1907, 1920s

photo, left: Ignatz (standing by window), children Albert,  Billa and Karl, sitting on window sill. Before store remodeling.
Photo, right: After remodeling of store. Standing by store entrance: Ignatz and his wife Karoline Schneider.


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