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Achieving a Long-Standing 
Vision For the Future

A Design Proposal for a 3-D Museum


The Museum of Family History was conceived with the hope that its presence would stir countless numbers of people in their own way to keep the memory of their Jewish ancestors, as well as the learning of Jewish history alive. It is said that to honor and preserve the memory of those who can no longer thank us for our efforts tells a lot about a people, and I know that many of us feel the same way.

The concept of a virtual (Internet-only) museum and the idea of honoring and preserving Jewish history is an intriguing mix. A museum is supposed to display the best of what a culture or people have to offer.  If we decided that we wanted to honor our family in some magnificent and unique way, if we had the opportunity to hang photographs of our own family members in a museum with audio tributes mixed in, we might see this as some fanciful notion, but an interesting one and one with an intriguing possibility. The presence of material about our families in  a museum would elevate their stature and keep our memory of them alive for all to see.

The Museum exists solely as a website, hence it is a "virtual" museum. It contains many elements that one would find on a website of a “brick-and-mortar” museum, e.g. it has interactive floor plans, as well as museum walls where photographs, which have been matted and framed are on display.

Yet the ultimate goal has been to create a three-dimensional, multimedia, interactive museum, where the museum “visitor” can not only learn about Jewish history, but where they can have the opportunity to display photographs, audio and video clips, etc. of their only family members within their own museum room. Can you imagine how wonderful this would be? This has never been done before.

Of course, as in many cases, what is delaying implementation of such a plan is money. As currently this museum has not yet achieved 501 (c)3 status, and as the museum has no fundraiser, there are no funds to have someone create a prototype of such a museum, which would be the first step to raise the necessary funds to begin such a project and eventually bring it to fruition.

This is an idea that no one has done to this date. It would revolutionary. With the advent of technology to create 3-D images, the time for such a virtual museum has come. I imagine an interactive map that would represent the Museum, the building of which would be surrounded by images of virtual towns such as those found in pre-World War II Europe, with text, audio, etc. that will be taken from the translations of various Yizkor (Remembrance) books, e.g. interactive town maps that would take you back many decades to a different time when Jews heavily populated the countries of Europe.

Certainly if you wish to donate any amount of funds that would go to creating a prototype of the aforementioned three-dimensional museum, please contact me at


Dr. Steven Lasky
Founder and Director
Museum of Family History











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