Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Sarah Hammer Jacklin


J. was born on 17 December 1905 in Novoradomsk, Poland, to Chasidic parents. In 1914, together with them she immigrated to Canada. She learned in Toronto in a general school, Yiddish courses with a private teacher. At the age of fifteen she came to New York and installed herself in the "Kunst ring" (the dramatic group of the Yiddish Art Theatre), where she had the opportunity to perform in small roles. Soon thereafter she went over to an itinerant Yiddish troupes, with whom she traveled for seven years across America, having the opportunity to act with several famous actors, such as Regina Prager, Boris Thomashefsky et al. In the 1930 season she had in the troupe of folk poet David Meyerowitz act in the main woman's roles in Winnipeg, Canada. Her experience made on her such an impression, that she began to put out a day-book, and there developed in her an inclination to write. She composed the one-act "Hintern forhang (Behind the Curtain)" that was published in the journal "Chicago" (under the direction of Meir Zolotarev, later included within her book), that would soon be staged by amateurs. In 1934 there was published in "Tog" her first long story "A shap meydl", which brought attention to her. Soon thereafter her stories began to be published frequently at the same time in "Tog", and in the "Forward", and the greater part of her stories were published in New York in 1946 in a book entitled "Lebns un geshtaltn". The book was very well received by the critics.

 J. is now more often the guest in the Yiddish periodicals, such as "Tsukunft", "Idisher kemfer", "Kinder zhurnal", "New-yorker vokhnblat", "Der shpigl", "Keneder odler", "Der veg", "Idishe tsaytung" (Buenos Aires), "Idisher zhurnal" and "Di goldene kayt", as well as in "Tog" and the "Forward", where, besides stories, she also published under the pseudonym of Clara Gold, articles about women's themes.

In 1954 (sic; should probably be 1934-- ed.) there was published in New York her second book, "Shtamen un tsveygn", that was warmly received by the critics.

J. also visited Argentina and the land of Israel, where she performed with lectures on literary themes.

D.'s published one-acters are:

Hintern forhang
(a satire in 1 act)
[published in the book "Lebns un geshtaltn", N. Y., 1946.
pp. 305-19].

Sh. E.

  • "Lexicon of the New Yiddish Literature", Vol. II, pp. 482-83.






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 4, page 3594.

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