Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Yekhezkel Dobrushin


Born in 1883 in the village of Mutin, Krolevtser Batrsirk, Chernigov Gubernia, Ukraine. Father -- a well-to-do lumber merchant. He learned at home with melamedim sh"s and puskim, At the same time also Hebrew and Russian. 1902 -- went away to Paris, where he studied in the Russian high school, then in the Sorbonne and was chairman of the Paris S"S" organization. For several years he lay sick, then most of the time in the Crimea. 1916 -- arrived in Kiev, was (1917) a co-founder of the "Kultur lige (Culture League)" and systematically read lectures about Yiddish literature, later settling in Moscow, where he was active in the Jewish Cultural Agency.

D. began his literary activity in Hebrew in "Hatsfirah", and in Yiddish in Zeitlin's "Dos idishe vokhenblat", and was especially active in the field of literary criticism. Later D. played a close part in the work of the Jewish state theatre in Moscow.

In 1914 D.'s drama "Ven gefihlen vokhen" was published [publisher "Repertuar", Vilna, 1914, 22 pp., 16], in 1916 in Peterburg's Kletskin publishing house, his children's play "In gortn" (2nd reprint in "Kiev Publishing House", 1918), and in 1918 the children's play (written together with David Hofshteyn) "A mesh mit a khlum" ("Kiev Publishing House). Also his book "Benkende neshamus", including several one-acters.


In 1922 there was published in the publishing house of young ts"b of the yidsektsies D.'s "Got der feyer, a yungt-plakat in three scenes".

In the second volume of Minsk's "Tsaytshrift", there was published D.'s "Sholem Aleichem's dramaturgye__ a pruv fun a faroysfarshung", which also was issued in a separate printing [20 pp., 16].

In 1927 in "Central People's Publishing House of F. S. S. R.",there was published D.'s dramatization "Yungvarg" [with music by L. Pulver, 30 .8, 16]. and in the "Central Publishing House Kharkov" his "Fraydele, a children's play in three acts" [30 pp., 16].

In 1928 the publisher "Shul un bukh", Moscow, issued D.'s "Arum a beydl" (agro-play in two scenes) [54 pp., 32].

On 24-25 April 1929 in New York's "Frayhayt", there was printed D.'s "Der farshterter pesakh, an anti-pesakh shpat in three scenes [illustrated by Yosl Kotler].

On 2 December 1922 through "Mimt" (Moscow Jewish State Theatre), there was staged D.'s and M. Litvakov's adaptation of Goldfaden's "Di kishufmakherin", and on 28 March 1924 the parody "Drey pintelekh yid", written by D., A. Granovsky and N. Auslander.

On 17 January 1926 "Mimt" staged "Dos tsente gebot, an operetta-pamphlet, according to Avraham Goldfaden by Y. Dobrushin". On 20 April 1927 through "Mimt", there was staged "The Travels of Benjamin III", an epopea in three acts, eight scenes, after Mendele Mokher Sefarim, adapted and songs by Y. Dobrushin", on 11 October 1929 in "Mimt" staged D.'s play "Der gerikht geyt" (Director -- F. Koverin, Kinstl. Features -- Rabinovitsh, music -- L. Pulver).

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 1, page 537.

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