Celia Zylbercweig:
A Woman of Substance




Celia Zylbercweig, a fine Yiddish actress in her own right, was married to Zalmen, her second husband, for twenty-eight years. She was devoted to her husband and was a great supporter of her husband's work. She believed strongly in the cause that he felt so passionately about, i.e. to preserve Jewish cultural history and Yiddish theatre in particular.

Celia wore many hats, i.e. not only was she Zalmen's wife, but was herself an actress in the Yiddish theatre, a writer, a radio personality and lecturer. She also wrote and spoke six languages.

Celia was born on 8 January 1905 in Chelm, Poland. Her father was an operator of government buildings. She finished Klara Morgenstern's private folk-shul and also took courses in Yiddish.




photo, left: Celia Zylbercweig, cir 1960s.









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Photograph courtesy of the estate of Zalmen Zylbercweig.

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