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Dr. Selwyn Freed, M. D., speaks about the great Yiddish actor Ludwig Satz...

Some background information first:

Celia Adler, the subject of this online exhibition, was first married to her fellow Yiddish actor Lazar Freed, whom she later divorced. With him she had a single child, a boy named Selwyn, or Zelik, in Yiddish. In later years, she married another Yiddish actor, Jacob Cone. Sometime after he passed away, she married for a third time.

Celia and Ludwig acted together on a number of occasions, e.g. in Maurice Schwartz's Yiddish Art Theatre. Dr. Freed suggests that Satz indeed even wanted to marry his mother Celia (before she married Lazar Freed.) Ludwig Satz, then married Celia's stepsister Lillie Feinman....

It should also be noted that Celia's mother, the wonderful Yiddish actress Dina Feinman, was first married to the great Yiddish actor Jacob P. Adler, then later on, some time after their divorce, Dina married another Yiddish actor, Sigmund Feinman, with whom she had their daughter Lillie.

At some point both Celia and Ludwig bought cottages in the Sea Gate neighborhood of Brooklyn, and they were neighbors.

So there you have it. You can now listen to Dr. Freed talk about Ludwig Satz, both as a Yiddish actor and in both a personal and professional manner.

Right: photograph of Ludwig Satz, courtesy of the Forverts, September 10, 1944.


Ludwig Satz and Celia Adler in "Blind Husbands,"
at the Yiddish Folks Theatre, Town Hall, Philadelphia, 1941

(Courtesy of the American Jewish Historical Society)


Ludwig Satz and Celia Adler, in "Di tsveyte libe (The Second Love)," 1936
(from the Museum of the City of New York)


During their stay in Sea Gate, Ludwig Satz and wife Lillie, held a Purim party at their home in 1935. Here is a group photograph of the event:

"Purim will be with us at sunset on Saturday, March 15th. Best wishes to all who celebrate it.... In case you will be in Sea Gate, Brooklyn (and have a time machine that can take you back to 1925), come to Ludwig and Lillie's Purim party, which will include a few dozen of their favorite friends and family members..."

The photograph is from a Satz Purim party; Ludwig is seated in the middle of the photo, Celia Adler is seated in the front row, third from the right. Lillie is seated to Ludwig's left.

Here is what Dr. Freed has to say about Ludwig Satz, as an actor, a person and as his patient (16 mins. in length):


(Please pardon the background noise....)

You can see some nice photographs of Dr. Freed's father, the Yiddish actor Lazar Freed,
as and individual and as part of various groups, e.g. Maurice Schwartz's Yiddish Art Theatre.
Here is a link to the aforementioned webpage.




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