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The Celia Adler Story....
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Celia Adler and Family Celebrate Pesakh

Join Celia and her son's family at their family seder in 1975!
Here she recites in both English and Yiddish the poem by
Mani Leib entitled "The Stranger," about the Prophet Elijah.

With an introduction by her only child, her son Dr. Selwyn Freed.
(the son of Celia Adler and Yiddish actor Lazar Freed)



Celia Adler recites Mani Leib (March 12, 1975)

Celia also performed this dialogue as part of a number of programs that she performed over the years. Here is an advertisement for one such performance, this one from 1934:

Hear is an advertisement that appeared in the Yiddish Forward (Forverts) newspaper on April 5, 1934. On  April 8 Celia was to appear in her own program for an "art evening" of drama, comedy and singing. This program was staged at the Y. M. & W. H. A. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The advertisement lists the individual performances of that evening. It reads:
  1. Der bobes letster tants, by I. Rosenblatt.
  2. Der menshlikher kol, by Kavakta (from the French).
  3. S'iz mir gut, kh'bin a yesoyme, by Sholem Aleichem.
  4. Eliyahu HaNavi (aka "The Stranger"), by Mani Leib.
  5. Di naive, by Abraham Rayzen.
  6. Mayn libe in geshtorben, by Yehoshua.
  7. Special folk songs.

Her husband at the time, Jacob Cone, was the regisseur (stage director.)


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Exhibition Curator: Steven Lasky

Exhibition created with the special permission
of the estate of Celia Adler and Lazar Freed.




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