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La Culinaire Jeannette

    ~ Delicacies of the Sephardic Fusion Diaspora ~


Salads & Dips


Baba Ghanouj: A seductively rich, creamy & smoky blend of roasted eggplant, tehina, fresh lemon & garlic.

Sabra Cactus & Passion Fruit Nectar.

Muhamarra: Crushed walnut  & pomegranate paste.
Served with warmed pita.                     

Arab Shook freshly squeezed
Blood Orange and Tangerine Juice.

Tabouli: A fresh spring-mix of parsley, cracked wheat, tomato, garlic, olive oil & lemon.                                    

Sparkling mineral water infused with a shot of Jaffa Orange Reduction.

Harrira: Savory Moroccan bean soup. - Fig/Date Shake.
- Affogato: Demi-Tasse.
- Coffee over Vanilla Gelato.



Boyos: A round Turkish flat of cheesy bread which is at once irresistibly cheesy, crunchy, chewy & utterly addictive!

Semit: Looped Egyptian sesame breads served warm by your waiter on a pole with a side of bright red sumac-spice for sprinkling. The quintessential Egyptian street food!

Foccacia of garlic, rosemary, walnuts & mixed Greek olives.

Fattoush: Rustic salad of torn country bread, fresh herbs, freshly-picked tomatoes, olives, garlic, sumac, fresh lemon & fruity olive-oil,

Quiche Fromage: A luxurious open-faced cheese tart of mixed morels, truffles & forest mushrooms, leeks, shallots, gruyere & chive.

Kharshouf: An Egyptian omelet of artichoke hearts, fresh dill & gruyere.

Shakshuka: Tunisian-Inspired Israeli omelet of roasted bell peppers, roasted tomatoes & feta cheese.

Turkish Pumpkin Rice Pilaf.

Tahdig with Fesinjan: Crunchy & buttery rice from the most cherished “bottom of the pan” served in the Persian Style with a Pomegranate-Walnut Sauce.

Jeweled Palau: Sumptuous Persian-inspired saffron basmati rice slow-cooked with sour cherries, barberries, dates, pistachios, roasted almonds & candied tangerine-peel.

           Fish & Game

Tagine of freshly caught fish of the season, preserved lemons, prunes, & green olives. Served over a bed of Saffron & pine nut couscous scented with slivered orange peel.

Koloubiac: A poached whole salmon stuffed with ricotta, chard & roasted pepper that has been festively baked in a fish-shaped casing of puffed pastry. (24 hours advanced orders required.)

Lamb Tagine: Slowly cooked with artichoke hearts, fava beans, cinnamon, almonds, prunes & honey. Served over Saffron Couscous.

Madeira-Orange Glazed Capon: stuffed with farina, leeks, Turkish apricot, quince & sultanas.

Koukla: Allspice scented meatballs with sour cherries. Koukla means “little dolly” in Greek.

Dolmades: Grape leaves stuffed with a savory/sweet blend of ground-lamb, cinnamon, leeks, pine nut, mint & lemon.

Bastilla: A sweet chicken & egg fillo pie spiked with sugar, saffron, cinnamon & pine nuts. Meant to be shared & eaten with the hands!

Avgalemono Soup: A thick, savory & soul-satisfying Greek chicken & lemon soup.



Spanakopita: Spinach, mint, feta & fillo pie.

Roasted Baby Eggplants in Pomegranate molasses.

Fassoulia: Tender & slow-cooked French Haricot Vert green beans in a sweet & smoky tomato sauce.

Cold & Spicy Moroccan Carrots with ginger, cumin & mint.

Stuffed, Roasted Sweet Bell Pepper: Baked with a filling of bulgur, feta, chard, sultanas & pine nuts.


               Desserts & Sweets

***Epicurean Mélange***: (24 hours notice, please!)

Served on a large etched Egyptian brass platter is a small taste of every dessert listed below. Highly recommended for lovers, friends, the adventurous & the epicureans to share!!

Selection of Mediterranean Cheeses served with Metica Almonds, dried fig & quince pan forte, sage-honey & choice of Madeira or Orange Muscatel Dessert Wine.

Aishta: Egyptian baked apricots in natural juices stuffed with clotted cream & macerated in orange flower water.

Kenaffa: An irresistible layered & baked dessert of shredded fillo dough, pistachio & rich ricotta cheese infused with rosewater & sprinkled with candied rose-petals. Visually (& gastronomically) alluring!

A Selection of Hand-Made Marzipan (almond-paste) fruits.

Lokum: A jellied, sweet square of mastic & rose-essence studded with pistachios & roasted almonds.

Bittersweet Chocolate Gelato splashed with Sabra Orange Liqueur & crushed coffee beans.

Sephardic Haroset of Desert-Fruits over duo-scoops of Vanilla-Bean-Fig & Pistachio-Rose Gelatos.

Apple Tarte-Tatin Calvados. Served alamode with Armagnac Cream.

Baklava: Served in the Egyptian tradition with rose-syrup & pistachios.

Italian Zabaglione Torte: Semolina & citron layers soaked in Marsala alternating with Zabaglione Cream.

Gateau Crème de Marron: A multi-layered meringue & chestnut cream cake with heavy-whipped cream slathered on-top…….A true revelation!  






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