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A Leipzig Shabbat

The Jewish community of Leipzig was headed by Rabbi Ephraim of the famous Frankfurt Carlebach dynasty. Dora (Weiss) was raised in an orthodox household, her father being one of the well-known dignitaries of the community....

"On Friday evening, while the men attended prayers at the synagogue, the women would prepare for the festive Shabbat meal. Upon returning from the synagogue, the father would say the blessings over the challah (Shabbat plaited bread) that the mother had prepared (she would make the challah herself and take it to be baked at a proper bakery). From the Shabbat table emanated zemirot (Shabbat table songs), which were sung merrily by all members of the family.

On Shabbat morning they wore their best clothes to synagogue, returning home in groups for lunch, for the rich, aromatic cholent (meat and potato stew) that the mothers had prepared the day before. The circle of friends and acquaintances was comprised of orthodox Jews, of course, who would later congregate and relish the sanctity of the day over a relaxed conversation. The children would play amongst themselves in their rooms or outside, in the garden."  next ►►

--from "Four Clover Leaves," by Roni Peled.


Dora Fleischmann (nee Weiss)

Dora Fleischmann (nee Weiss)

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