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Children in Purim costumes, Danzig

Group portrait of children dressed in Purim costumes. Danzig, 1930-1939.
--from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,


The Purim Festival in Leipzig, Germany

"The Purim festival always took place near the date of an international exhibition that was held annually in the city, attended by visitors from all over the world. Family members would also come from other cities in Germany in order to celebrate the festival together, to sing and dance. The enormous challah, which Dora's mother had prepared, would be served with spreadable butter and a steamy cup of coffee. At the festive meal the various guests would be served a big roast turkey. After World War I broke out, as battles were waged in the trenches, products such as bread and butter were rationed. But the parties were held as usual and the festive atmosphere remained undisturbed, including the customary exchange of gifts: Hamantashen (Purim pastry), raisins, nuts and chocolate."  next ►►


photo and written excerpts from "Four Clover Leaves" by Roni Peled.



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