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Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach

Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach
(12 Mar 1879-1936)


The Rabbi of Leipzig

The Jewish community of Leipzig was headed by Rabbi Ephraim (12 Mar 1879-1936) of the famous Frankfurt Carlebach dynasty.

He was a leading figure in the construction of the Jewish High School (Höhere Israelitische Schule) and the synagogue Etz Chaim.

In 1924 he was appointed the chief Orthodox Rabbi of Leipzig.

In 1935 he moved to Palestine and died there in 1936.

In Leipzig every Chanukah, Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach hosted a big party for underprivileged children and would buy them new clothes and gifts. The King of Saxony, Frederich August, always took the time to send him a telegram thanking him for his generosity.

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