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Radom Mutual Cultural Center
(aka Radom Mutual Society, Inc.)
Pinelawn, New York
Section 4, Block 3
The gate was erected in 1960.
There are two memorials in this section.


"An everlasting symbol of love and devotion to our brethren of the city of Radom Poland and vicinity, victims of brutal Nazi annihilation

"O' Earth! Do not cover my blood and let there be no place in the earth to absorb my cry."-Job 16:18

With this solitary stone we eternally memorialize each one of the thirty-thousand men, women and children from the city of Radom Poland and vicinity who were torn from life during the Nazi annihilation 1939-1945. They have no marked graves. Their blood stains all in Europe.
Their names are ..... in our hearts."

"To the eternal memory of the more than thirty thousand holy martyrs from Radom Poland and environs who were gassed, burned and brutalized by the Germans in the years 1939-1945."




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