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Independent Lasker American
(aka Independent Lasker Sick Support Society)
Elmont, New York
Section B, Block 5


"Dedicated to the victims of Nazi persecution of Lask 1939-1945."

"Dedicated to the everlasting memory of the Jewish martyrs of the city of Lask
innocently slaughtered by the Nazi murderers during World War  II 1939-1945."

"Under this monument we placed holy earth brought over from the mass grave of the Jewish martyrs."


Rabbi of Lask
Lajba Ajzenberg
H. Lerer and Family
S. Peterkofsky
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wivietsky
Louis and Ida Schulsinger
M. Toporek and Family
Rubin and Dora Budah
Al and Dotty Glassman
Philip and Helen Spivak
Family Piernikarz
Sinaj Jelen and Family


Lajbush Krys and Family
Majer Boms and Family
Benjamin Trenkiel and Family
Jakow Brzezinski and Family
Zacharia Reichbart
Rifka Reichbart Kempinsky
David and Sara Desse
Family Przechadzki
Family Rosenzweig
Family Rogala
Sara Widawska and Children
Joel and Rafael M. Glowinski


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