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Kossover Young Men of America
Pinelawn, New York
Section 6, Block 1
Society established in 1914
Main gate erected in 1969

Officers and Executive Committee:

Samuel Hochberg, Chairman
Max Steinzor, 1st Vice Chairman
Irving Skurnick, 2nd Vice Chairman
Philip Rubak, Finance Secretary
Isidore Werner, Treasurer
Morris Nuremberg, Recording Secretary
Sam Schultz, Trustee
Murray Werner, Executive
Joel Weinberg, Executive
Louis Kaplan, Executive
Adam Kaplan, Executive

"In memory of our loving parents sisters brothers and children of our town Kossov who were killed in the Holocaust by the Nazi murderers in the year of 1942 in Treblinka gas chambers so that others may live."

"May their souls be bound in the bond of eternal life."

Deceased Victims:
Hinde Werner
Abraham Yosel Werner
Sime Libe Hochberg
Tsalke Werner
Yudel Werner
Lea Werner
Chiel, Chane, Mollie Warshafsky
Zalmen, Hennie Hochberg and Children
Abraham, Shie, Chane, Ruchel Rothberg
Neshke Rothberg Family
Yankel Rothberg Family
Mendel, Alte, Chaie Rothberg
Shapiro Family
Motel Seer
Chave, Label Przevozinsky
Itzel, Elke, Sheindel Rothberg
Perl Yablonka Family
Yacov, Leib, Chana, Feiga Hochberg
Arka, Hennie, Dvoyra Platner and Children
Harry Jacobs




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